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Benefits and Downfalls

When dealing with a payday loan, you will likely have quick approval. Your loan payments are usually set up to be paid on your next payday, (most are fourteen days). You have several different options when applying for a loan. You can apply online, fax your application and documents, use a phone, or walk into one the thousands of payday loan stores and apply. It does not take much to be approved. Usually all you need is proof of identification, a checking account, have a job with an income of about one thousand a month, and be at least eighteen years of age.

Normally credit history does not make a difference when applying for a payday loan. You can still be approved even if you have had bankruptcies, charge offs, or and other credit problems. Studies have shown than more people would consider a payday loan to get out of financial hardship, over all other options. The biggest downfall of a payday loan would be its high interest rates. Due to these high rates, it is recommended by the FDIC to not continue a payday loan for more than three months. Payday loans are generally temporary solutions for those in tough financial situations.

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